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About The Pharo Foundation

The Foundation runs six Pharo Schools in Somaliland and Ethiopia serving over 1500 students ranging from kindergarten, primary, secondary and vocational training. Additionally, The Pharo Foundation runs 15 Early Childhood Education (ECE) centres, all within public schools in Somaliland and has implemented the same ECE model in over 11 schools in Ethiopia to help set a solid academic foundation. Pharo Schools are centres of excellence offering top-quality education, and integration of extra-curricular activities to ensure an all-rounded approach.

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Client Brief

When one of the biggest Foundations making a difference in education in Africa asked us to design and develop a platform for interaction and information sharing among the Pharo Schools in East Africa, we knew we could impress.

The Foundation was seeking the services of an individual or a firm to design and build a website for its schools in East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Somaliland) for information sharing, documentation; enrolment and a build schools’ alumni community. The main objectives of the assignment were to Increase public knowledge of the Schools’ activities and school calendars and increase the profile of the Schools in the region.



Our Solution

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