Graphic design, branding & printing

Every aspect of your communication should look good and deliver a clear message.

From a simple business card, logo design, total event branding, promotional products, company stationery, report layout design, company profiles, book publishing etc. We advise our clients on every aspect of print production including design, type face, illustrations, colour, paper stock and finishing.

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Zinduka report



Maximizing Community Development

Maximizing Community Development...

Data Protection in Kenya

Data Protection in Kenya...

Branded book


Branded T-shirt

Grassroots Branded T-shirt...

Branded T-shirt

GROOTS Sacco Branded T-shirt...

Branded T-shirt

Grassroots Branded T-shirt...

Branded T-shirt

GROOTS Sacco Branded T-shirt...

Branded Mousepad

Wamae & Allen Branded mousepad...

Branded Diary

Wamae & Allen Branded Diary...

Branded Roll-up Banner

Wamae & Allen roll-up-banner...

Branded Press Backdrop

Wamae & Allen Press-backdrop...

Branded Mugs

Wamae & Allen branded mugs...

Community Radios Broadcasting for peace

Community Radios Broadcasting for peace...

Office Branding

MFC office branding...

Corporate Profile

Elbima corporate profile...

Corporate Profile

Elbima corporate profile...

Corporate Profile

Elbima Corporate Profile...

Corporate Profile

Elbima Corporate Profile...

Company Profile

FinSmarts Consultancy company profile...

Company Profile

Company Profile...

Brand Manual

IRA brand manual...

Company profile

Pixels Kenya company profile...

KICTAnet Annual Report 2016

KICTAnet Annual Report 2016...

Business cards

Rollup banners

Business cards









branded umbrellas-3

branded umbrellas-4

branded umbrellas-1

branded umbrellas-2


annual reports design and printing – mediaforce (1)

annual reports design and printing – mediaforce (2)

banners design and printing by mediaforce

branding by mediaforce

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