Communications Audit

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

Why it's important to evaluate

Have you ever wondered if the money you spent on producing a report for policy- makers paid off? Or if your online strategy is helping you reach your audience(s)? Do your key constituencies perceive your organization the way you want them to? Evaluation can help you answer these questions and more.

Is it even important to audit my communications?
Well, no one wants to travel a long distance, spend a lot of money and somehow end up in the wrong place. Evaluating your communications along the way can help you to stay on course and reach your destination.
Still not convinced?

Ok, here are some more reasons..

Evaluation improves the effectiveness of your communications Developing a smart communication plan is an essential first step. But without a thoughtful evaluation strategy, you have no way of knowing if your plan is working or whether you need to make adjustments. Knowing the effect of your communication activities and fine-tuning those areas that need improvement will help you reach the outcomes you seek.

Evaluation can help you effectively engage with your audience How do you identify and connect with your audiences and ensure that your messages are resonating with them? Evaluation is key. It can help you find ways to gather feedback from your audiences and learn how they are responding to your messages.

Situations change – strategies and tactics may need to change as well In working to generate social change, you will inevitably face unexpected events, opportunities and threats that affect your work. Evaluation helps you collect valuable information at these critical moments so that you can make tactical and strategic adjustments. It can also help you determine whether your changes are putting you back on the path to success.

Evaluation helps you allocate resources wisely All foundations and nonprofits work with limited human and financial resources. Evaluation can help determine whether your communication investments could be redistributed more effectively to achieve the desired results.

How much will it cost me?
Nada! Zero! We do this at no cost.
Who is doing the evaluation?
Experts. We fill our ranks with people from a wide variety of backgrounds but mostly techies, creatives and communication strategists. They do the evaluation.
I'd love my communications to be audited; how do we get started?
It's easy, fill this form here and we will get in touch with the next steps

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