We create content, tell stories and build platforms.

MediaForce is a Nairobi based communication agency working with corporates and organizations to better connect them with the people they serve. We represent Africa’s vibrant free enterprise, developing digital technologies and creating innovative solutions to help businesses and organizations to remain relevant in the digital age. 

Everyday we see communication pieces that are flashy but lacks strategy; marketing collaterals that demonstrates solid strategy but is weakened by mediocre creativity and branding; websites with good content but poorly designed; videos that have poor messaging….we can go on and on. Your challenge – and ours – is how to define higher standards of brand experiences that will generate demand for your product or service. Driven by the long-term relationships we build with clients and the goals we achieve together, we believe we can turn even the most complex of visions into reality.

Insights & Strategy


Creativity & Design

Video & Film

2D & 3D Animation

Licensed drone pilots


Digital Marketing

Website Hosting

Web design

Commercial Printing

Advertising & Promotion

Aerial photography

Digital infographics


Being entrepreneurs & innovators at heart we work with startups of any size.

Financial Services

We support the financial sector to transform the way it acquires, cares and retains customers.

Law Firms

Need help growing your law firm? We specialize in law firm branding & marketing.


We understand the complexities of working with this highly regulated industry.


We support knowledge management and publishing projects.


We help players in this sector balance cost and have efficient operations.


Government agencies come to us for solutions to better reach and engage with the citizenry.

Non Profit

NGOs rely on our services and expertise to document their impact and visibility.

Business Services

We work with entities of all types - consulting, legal, accounting, retail and more. 

We are on Social media!

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