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GROOTS Kenya new website gives visibility to grassroots women
June 6, 2016
IEBC voter awareness and education
July 6, 2017
About the client


GROOTS Kenya is a national association of organized women-led community-based organizations and self-help groups. Founded in 1995 after the fourth UN Conference on Women in Beijing, China; GROOTS Kenya’s mission is to facilitate grassroots women and their communities to effectively and directly participate in development processes through movement building, leadership, and advocacy. Its vision is to have ‘a society in which women and their communities participate effectively in their development.

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The Brief

The “Accelerating Rural Women’s Access to Agricultural Markets and Trade” project was a four-year initiative that was launched in July 2012 funded from the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) through the World Bank, Kenya office and implemented by GROOTS Kenya.

The geographical scope of the assignment was in four (4) sub-counties namely: Kuresoi North and Kuresoi South sub-counties within Nakuru County and Kitui Central, Kitui Rural in Kitui County. The scope and content of the documentary were to cover the following aspects:

  1. Benefits of collective action amongst women and community organizing.
  2. Women’s Leadership in the Community.
  3. Impact of Group Savings and Lending (Table Banking.)
  4. Impact of access to Group Revolving Funds (household level, decision making, partnership with the spouse.)
  5. Impact of Lead Entrepreneur Funds to agribased ventures set up by women farmers.
  6. Role of the Seed Fund Committee in supporting women’s access to funds.

Results & Realizations

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