In May 2015, we sent one of our own, Cleopa Otieno to participate in a drone training by We Robotics in Zanzibar. Since then we have been onward and up with things drones. Fascinated by what drones can do, we wanted professional hands-on training to help us scale the positive impact of humanitarian application of UAVs here in Kenya. More specifically we were looking to get trained on how to use aerial robotics solutions (drones) safely and effectively to support disaster risk reduction and early recovery efforts.

With support of We Robotics, we co-created Kenya Flying Labs to ensure the long-term sustainability of our capacity building efforts. Kenya Flying Labs is hosted here at Mediaforce. The lab focuses on sustainably localizing appropriate robotics solutions to accelerate the positive impact of aid, health, development and environmental efforts. Our programs provide solutions, coordination and customized trainings for NGOs, government agencies, universities and institutions using robotics technologies. We provide training capacity support to partner organizations to promote use and deployment of robotics in areas of humanitarian support, agriculture, environmental work.

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