What product comes to mind whenever you think of a brand? I like to think of Blue band Choco…. (oh, the good old days) Well this amazing product can never seem to leave my mind… from its package to its color and the one quality that attracted every kid in the block…its divine taste.

A brand, according to the Business Dictionary, is a unique design, symbol, words or a combination of these employed in creating an image that identifies the product and differentiates it from its competitors. Marketing professionals, however, argue that this term, bears much more than this simple definition and in this article, I, therefore, get to dig deep and look at what exactly encompasses a brand. So, gear up and join me on this journey of discovery.

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Brand Identity

This simply refers to the way people recognize a brand. Suppose that you are in a new location and you are looking for an M-pesa shop what would you look out for?

I am sure, many if not all of us would look out for that green color…right? Well, this is Safaricom’s brand identity.

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Brand Image

This term refers to the perception people hold about a brand which then forms their expectation about it. A good example is the image people hold towards Mercedes-Benz

This is one of the few brands that people associate with luxury and therefore its producers aim to meet this expectation.

Photo courtesy of CNBC Markets 

Brand personality

This alludes to the emotional/personal qualities that we associate a brand with.

For instance, we can associate Pepsi with youthfulness and so the color of the logo and the typography of the brand name need to match this personality.

Photo courtesy of Blackorwa 

Brand experience

This is the experience a consumer goes through while purchasing and using a particular brand.

For example, I love to go to Java not just because of the quality coffee that I will be served but also the quality of service and its amazing ambience.

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Brand differentiation

Differentiation, as the word suggests, is how a particular brand stands out in the crowd.

Case in point, the Apple brand.  This brand easily stands out from all other products in the market thanks to its unique logo design.

So, the next time you think of venturing into a new business, do keep some of these factors in mind as they will greatly steer you into success.

All the best!

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