Over the years, the number of internet subscribers has grown at an exponential rate. For instance, the Communications Authority of Kenya revealed that as of December 31st, 2018 the total number of active data/Internet subscriptions in the country stood at 45.7 million while Miniwatts Marketing Group reported that as of March 2019 there were over 7. 7 Billion internet users in the world today.

Well, with such numbers, it is important that you use innovative ways to build strong online visibility and in this article we point out 4 tips that can help you achieve this.

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Email marketing

This strategy involves sending emails to prospects and customers in a bid to convert the prospects into customers and one-time buyers into loyal clients. It is important to note that as you write these mails you should make your subject line stand out, personalize the message and keep the content engaging & easy to comprehend.

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Social media marketing

With over 21 social media sites in the world today, this has become a powerful marketing tool. However, you should always conduct a demographic study on your target audience as this will help you identify the social media sites which they are most likely to engage with, then you can make these sites your point of focus.

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Pay- per-click marketing (Google Ads)

Using this platform, companies use search engines such as Chrome and Bing to drive traffic to their website and in return the company pays a small fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

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Search engine optimization

This process greatly benefits companies as it helps drive traffic to their website whenever potential customers search for keywords relevant to their business. However, unlike Googe Ads,  this is a free service.

So, why don’t you apply these simple but highly effective steps today and see your business soar to greater heights.
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