We are a communication firm with a big heart for social change.When you aim to solve big problems, you need to have the right partnerships to be successful.

How we make a difference

At MediaForce, our goal is to empower nonprofits and social enterprises with the tools they need to build their organizations’ brand, engage their audiences, raise money, and influence policy. If you are stepping forward in spite of great challenges to create positive change and improve lives, we want to partner with you..

  • Strengthen your fundraising capacity.
  • Amplify your impact.
  • Deepening audience engagement.
  • Empower by branding.
  • Do it with dignity.
We help our clients in the non profit sector seize opportunities and respond decisively to market change by applying insights & strategy to any aspect of their work

Brilliant ideas are only possible with sound strategy. Our goal is to align your communications outreach practices with your organizational or brand objectives, goals and overall strategy.

Social media strategy
Communication policies etc
Product development
Business development
We are using the power of storytelling to point a spotlight on hope

We tell stories in ways that touch the heart, that are beautiful to watch, that motivate to action, and provide momentum for change. Our stories are shaped by instinct, data journalism and academic research

DocumentariesAnimated videosWeb videos

Communicating Africa to Africa & Africa to the world is our forte.

As an advocacy organization, your team is well aware of how challenging it can be to capture the attention of supporters online.

Civic engagement increases transparency and helps governments expand what works ...

Martin O'Malley

Want to make your next digital advocacy campaign a hit? Ours is to help you make the right decisions about digital tools to emphasize, messages to promote, content to create and relationships to build.

Whether simple and elegant, bold and creative, or clean and classic, every design component – digital or in-print – should reflect the values of the organization and embody its mission.Ask us for:
  • Brand manuals/style guides.
  • UX/UI design.
  • IEC materials.
  • Product packaging design.

Design and branding that ignites change.

Training and capacity building.

We help strengthen organizations, teams, and individuals through customized workshops and training opportunities focused on brand strategy and communications..

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