BFA Global – redefining fintech digital experience with a new website

Wamae & Allen, the most trusted names in civil & commercial law gets a new website
May 14, 2019
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BFA Global – redefining fintech digital experience with a new website

About the client

BFA Global

Founded in 2006, BFA is a global consulting firm leveraging finance and technology to innovate solutions for a sustainable and equitable world where people have agency over their future and their most pressing challenges are pro-actively addressed in a timely manner. Through knowledge, skills, and experience the firm harnesses data science, economic analyses, financial tools, artificial intelligence, human-centered design, and lean product development.

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The Brief

BFA’s old website was a long scroll-page website that did not do a good job of reflecting their projects, insights, or services. New users or users unfamiliar with the website layout found it difficult to discover more about BFA’s projects, and a non-intuitive site layout exacerbated the problem. The backend module for updating the website also needed a total overhaul, and overall BFA felt that their site needed an experienced UX/UI designer to get the job done. We got the call.

Before and After

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Results & Realizations

Our solution - Revamped new website - short scroll, better UX/UI

If you think WordPress doesn’t possess the complexity you need for your site, think again—our custom post types allowed for unparalleled functionality and customizable content areas and even incorporated third-party API with maximum ease of use.



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